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Saturday Synopsis!

Time for another Saturday synopsis, when I round up this week's posts.

This week has been crazy!  First of all, I have been sick, so everything is a bit hazy right now as I write this...  I just hope I get healthy quick!  Second, I have just over a week until I go on my month long trip!  I am sooo not ready! Third, my project was on Craft Gossip post this week, and it sent a flood of people over to my tiny blog.  I wasn't aware of someone sending my sunglasses case in, until I noticed a huge spike in my pageviews when I woke up that morning.

Up for this weekend, a flurry of last minute crafting projects before I have to pack and leave.  :)

P.S. - Don't forget to enter both of my giveaways here and here before it's too late!
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Some crafting supplies for this weekend!

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday: I learned my lesson about not backing up data regularly.  In fact, now that I mention it, it's that time of the week again!  Also, I shared some useful tips for Bloglovin' for all us readers and bloggers out there.

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: Recon edition!  I refashioned a shirt, XL shirt into a dress, XXL shirt for my man, and salvaged a Marc Jacobs cardigan $1 find at a swap meet.  Awesome!

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: The Maroon 5 concert and a night out, followed by tons of food.  No wonder I'm sick!  I must have been exposed to tons of germs at the Staples Center.

Thursday:  I shared the crocheted pouch I made for my external hard drive.  Technology and yarn meet once again at my house.  :)

Friday: My second tutorial, second giveaway, and second dress form!  I love Lily.  :)  Poor Jade, I think I'm going to give her a makeover, and not trash her.  Yep, I'm adding it to the looong list of crafts for when I get back in May!

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