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Saturday synopsis!

Yet another activity filled week.  Up for this weekend: absolutely nothing!

I know that there is some kind of sporting event coming up...  now what was it?  But, it's not my thing and I needed to carve out important travel planning time.  So we'll be figuring out our plans to Amsterdam, Ireland, London & surrounding areas, Paris, possibly Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, and possibly Stockholm.  Whew!  I definitely welcome any suggestions.  :)

Also, I'll try to organize my office desk just a bit, which was borne out of the need to find a single receipt in a huge filing system of papers.  Hopefully it could look like this one day...

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday:  Lettuce wraps.  Enough said, just let the pictures speak for themselves.  Mmm!!!

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: some of the first wearable clothing I made.  My orange maxi, polka dot Sorbetto, and purple corduroy skirt.

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: Gilt warehouse sale, Korean BBQ, OC Mart, Argo, donuts, and Ben Folds Five.  My closet, stomach, and ears have never been so full (of clothing, food, and music)!

Thursday:  Blueberry donut smackdown, with some yummy results!

Friday: Sunglasses & goggles cases, and I FINALLY sewed something this year.


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