Hydrate this Summer the Sparkling Way! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Hydrate this Summer the Sparkling Way!

This post is in partnership with Dasani and Target. However, 
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Somehow, summer is upon us and that means just about a million plans!  Just this weekend, I have two all-day craft festivals, a beer fest on the beach, and a charity wine tasting event.  Whew!  I'm getting pooped just typing that!  But seriously, since I'm constantly on the go, I try to stay healthy so my energy stays up.  That means that I can see more, do more, and have more fun!

That means three things to me: hitting the gym, eating healthy, and drinking enough water!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I do my thing at the gym.  :)  I always make sure to have enough healthy snacks, which is even easier now that practically every one of my favorite fruits and veggies is in season!  Lastly, I make sure to have lots of water all day, every day.

Hydrate this Summer the Sparkling Way on Diane's Vintage Zest! #DASANIsparkling

Even though it should be easy to drink plain water when it's hot out, during the summer, it seems like everyone has pretty drinks.  Yes, I noticed that if my beverage is just a bit more special, I totally drink it up!  After finding Dasani Sparkling, I was so happy because it's just a little fancier than normal water but keeps me hydrated.  It is lightly carbonated, unsweetened, has no artificial flavors, and has zero calories.  Perfect for swimsuit season!

Hydrate this Summer the Sparkling Way on Diane's Vintage Zest! #DASANIsparkling

One of my favorite flavors is the Black Cherry, not only because it reminds me of my favorite ice cream!  It's the newest flavor to their sparking water lineup, which includes Lime, Berry and Lemon.

If you want to find your favorite flavor, use one of their coupons at your local Target, using the Cartwheel app.  The coupons are available for a limited time, so hurry in!

You can use the coupons for both the Dasani Sparkling in Black Cherry and the Dasani Drops Infusions, which are drops to fancy up your water on the go.  So convenient!

Hydrate this Summer the Sparkling Way on Diane's Vintage Zest! #DASANIsparkling

So remember to check out my new favorite Black Cherry flavor of Dasani Sparkling water, and keep hydrated this summer!

Happy shopping!


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