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Monday, March 23, 2015

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with Wedding Paper Divas

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Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

As I mentioned just about a year ago, my sister got engaged, so it's almost wedding time soon!  As maid of honor (and the only bridesmaid), I am so excited to help with every detail I can!  Yes, I'm not just there the food and cake tastings, which were amazing, but I am helping out my sister since I'm the DIY blogger!

One of the huge things I am helping with is the bridal shower.  It's almost like a mini wedding!  Since it's up to me, I went to Wedding Paper Divas to put together a beautiful, completely customized invitation at an affordable price.

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

First of all, check out the amazing sample kit that is sent to you for free!  When I ordered the sample kit, I was amazed at all the options inside.  Since we wanted to keep to a similar theme with the wedding, I was in love with the wide range of options available.

By the way, isn't the packaging is just adorable?

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

Starting with paper, Wedding Paper Divas included five different kinds of paper so you can see the thickness and how it feels to the touch.

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

Here's a view up close, and you can see all of the colors available for ordering.

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

Now, this is where it starts to get fun!  To achieve the perfect design, you get to choose your favorite font, the trim, and even pick out a few details for just the right envelope.

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

Once you think you are done with the design process, you have even more options to choose from.  The invitations come in a variety of formats, from the standard flat card to magnets, postcards, and even tri-fold!  Premium printing techniques can be added, such as foil-stamped, letterpress, thermography, and even engraving!  That's not to mention the complementary DIY options, such as ribbon, mini cards, gift tags, belly bands, and stamps.

In case you are stumped or need a little design inspiration, they include a variety of sample invitations, which explain which details they used on the back.  So convenient!

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

At the end of it all, you also have access to the Free Designer review, where you work one-on-one with a designer to create a truly unique suite with complimentary photo retouching.  You can even order up to 8 free samples using the code FREETRY, so you can really see and touch before purchasing..  Check out the details here.

So you might be wondering what we chose!  Well, you can see a glimpse of my maid of honor dress on the left... so we're working with navy blue!

Bridal Shower Invitation planning with #WeddingPaperDivas #IC #ad

The final decisions have to be made, but I believe we will go with scalloped corners on Pearl White Shimmer Paper.  Most likely we will go with White, but it could switch to Navy!  The font will be a simple all caps in either black or white, depending on the paper color selection.  I enjoy the gold envelopes as well, because it's just a little special, don't you think?

I love that the invitation process using Wedding Paper Divas' sample kit is so easy compared to all the other details we have to plan!  Now, I just have to wait for the final date so we can get these puppies printed out and sent ASAP.  I'm so excited!

Happy invitation customizing!


  1. wow what a cool service! I love how they send you color palettes and things to choose from - that looks amazing!

    stop by and chat: ♥

  2. I know! The sample kit itself is so pretty, isn't it? :)


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