Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a Chocolate Wine Picnic! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a Chocolate Wine Picnic!

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To those of you that are new around here, I talk about my man from time to time.  Usually it is mostly in passing, like when I mention a favorite recipe, talk about our football "Pick Em" league, or talk about our vacations.  Well, as of yesterday we have been a couple for 10 years!  Today, we have some special plans, which my guy planned all by himself!  I'll embarrass him by sharing our plans below.  :)  Anyways, I wanted to contribute at least a one special moment on our anniversary, so I decided to pack a little picnic basket with a bottle of ChocolatRouge Wine and strawberries for dessert.  Sweets with my sweetie pie?  A winning combination every time!

For our plans today, we are going to drive up to our alma mater where we met when we were both just teenagers.  It took a couple of years for us to get together, but now we have been in a relationship for 10 whole years!  We'll go to the place where we first met, have dinner at one of our first date spots, and finish it off with our picnic.  So you might be wondering I chose chocolate wine to accompany our dessert strawberries!

Anniversary Picnic with ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate Wine #Cheers2Chocolate #shop #ad 1

As you just saw, the wine was given a Double Gold rating of 98!  Wow!  Also, you might remember from our time in Bruges that we are chocoholics.  Him more than me!  Still, I'm pretty sure that I enable his habit with all of the yummy chocolate desserts that I make!

Anniversary Picnic with ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate Wine #Cheers2Chocolate #shop #ad 2

I wanted to share something special tonight, like a bottle of wine, but I am not a huge wine drinker.  After I had a taste of ChocolatRouge, I knew this was the perfect wine for me, a chocolate-lover!  It is a blend of rich chocolate and fine red wine, just right for my man and I to enjoy together!  All I had to do for our picnic was find a couple of sturdy wine glasses and fill a mason jar of strawberries.  And of course, don't forget the screwdriver!

Anniversary Picnic with ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate Wine #Cheers2Chocolate #shop #ad 4

When I bought this, the store printed out a coupon for $3 off my next two bottles of ChocolatRouge.  Considering it's already a deal, I just knew that I had to buy a couple more for this weekend!  I am going to bake a couple batches of cookies and have a cookie exchange with some friends on Sunday. This will be the perfect wine to serve because we can actually have wine and dessert together, which would complement each other very nicely.  Yes!

Anniversary Picnic with ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate Wine #Cheers2Chocolate #shop #ad 3

If we happen to only go through one of the bottles (not likely), I will definitely keep the extra bottle on hand for our next holiday party.  I think it would be a lovely hostess gift for any of the many, many upcoming parties we have to attend this season!  If you are not sure where to find ChocolatRouge, there is a great store locator where you can search for all three flavors.  Although I found my bottle in the wine section, you may also find ChocolatRouge in the chocolate aisle or card section.

I'm so, so happy that I found a fun new beverage that I can enjoy with my friends this weekend and throughout the holiday season and that I could pass along the info to you guys and gals!

Happy drinking!


  1. Happy anniversary!

    That wine sounds really amazing! I'm going to have to try it- I'm a fellow chocoholic! And I like red wine. So I think this will be perfect!

  2. Totally agreed and thanks! Time flies!


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