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SoCal Social 2013 Recap!

I had so much fun this weekend shopping, meeting other bloggers, learning a bit, and making new friends at the SoCal Social!  Thanks to Bev from Flamingo Toes and Viv from The V Spot for organizing an amazing event.  :)

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a few of these pictures, but there are lots more pictures to share!  Then, I'll introduce you to a bunch of the nice girls I met and give you the links where you can win swag of your own!  :)

For the first part of the day, we did our swag walk in Old Towne Orange.  We met in the middle of the square, where there was a beautiful fountain.  In fact, later in the day there was a wedding taking place right where we met!  We were given a lanyard with our name badge, an empty tote bag, and a map to find our way around.  Then we set on our way!


We first stopped into Tea Leaf Cottage where we picked up our first bit of swag (yay!) and we perused the wares.  This was so pretty!


Next door at Provisions, I had to admire the beautiful ceiling, wood paneled wall, and light fixtures.


We were treated to beer and beet pickled deviled eggs.  Yum!


We hit up Coco Rose Boutique, who gave us the cutest rings and had the most lovely garments and jewelry for sale.  Note to self: definitely come back!

The Orange Candy Company just down the street gave us a cute paper bag stuffed with sweet goodies!  They have lovely retro candies in stock that would be perfect for party favors.  :)


The window display is so fun!


At Vintiques, I spied these cute little ghosts!  If they yelled "Boo" at me, I think that I'd just say "Awww!"


At Lost and Found, I saw a bit of plaid inspiration for our Mad About Plaid Challenge.  I also bought a necklace that was just too sweet to pass up!  The picture is down further with my other buy.  :)


We went to Elsewhere Vintage, which sold beautiful vintage dresses and accessories for women.  I am definitely keeping this store in mind the next time I need a pretty dress for a period costume party.  Next door, Joyride sold smart clothes for men, vintage tobacco tins, and other manly items.  I nearly bought one of their cute tins!

Then, the mother of all antique stores: Country Road Antiques!


It's basically a maze of small stores owned by individual dealers.  There was so much to look at and there was a bevy of inspiration as you can tell by the picture above!  I took note of the detail on this cute tote bag for my next sewing project.  I still haven't used any of the decorative stitches on Paisley yet!


At Affaire de Coeur, I saw so many fine items.  This wine bottle contraption would be a great gift for my dad who loves wine.  Isn't it so unique?


The Spotted Moth gave us cute little nail polishes!


The store was so cute that I ended up buying these chevron bangles that actually sort of matched the necklace I bought!


At Eikon Home, I liked so many of the displays that I couldn't help but snap away.  :)

Old books with clocks under a pretty glass cover!


An arrangement of clocks!


I love that metal armillary sphere!


I'm a sucker for a pretty globe display...


Next, we headed to Paris in a Cup where they gave us a pretty little package of a macaron, caramel, tea, and an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter.  Yum!

Then, we picked up a pretty headscarf from Heavenly Hostess and chatted with Mark Montano, one of our speakers at dinner.  He was so funny!

Then, we had popsicles at Front Porch Pops.  I've had them before at a food truck roundup but never visited their store!


At Down Home Antiques, I loved a ton of these cute displays!


Rit Dye for 15 cents!  I have yet to dye any of my fabric stash though.  :)


Our last stop was Julep's before heading to dinner.  My post on the delicious food we had from Avila's is here and the post on the dessert from Creative Cakes is here.


By the way, here is a huge bag of swag we got at our tables!


Eva LaRue was the other speaker and completely inspirational!  She and Mark were were perfect speakers for the event.  :)


At dinner, they had all kinds of giveaways and I won $50 to Spin Pizza!  Yay!

It was a bit chilly in there, so I started to crochet some of my yarn swag with a twist tie.  :)


Here are some of the sweet gals I met with links to their blogs and recaps!

Alma from Created By Soul
Amanda from Kaleidoscope of Colors
Barbara from Chase the Star
Diana from Anyone Can Decorate (and her daughter Britney)
Emmy from Emmy Mom
Kirsti from Courtesy of Kirsti
Melody of Melody M. Nunez
Tori from Lil Mrs. Tori

We spent some time chatting with each other after dinner too.  In fact, Tori and I got into such a long conversation after walking to our cars, that the people on the street changed from friendly passersby to tipsy couples to just plain weird!

As soon as I got home, I spread the swag all over my floor and organized it into categories.  You know me!

1: Food / hostess items
2: Crafty items
3: Paper craft items
4: Fashion / beauty swag


I CANNOT wait to start putting some amazing projects together!

Overall, I had an amazing time and probably shared a few too many pictures with you.  :)

Now here are the links to the swag that you can win!  Bev at Flamingo Toes and Viv at The V Spot each have a bag to give away here and here.

Good luck!


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