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Weekly Wrap-Up: Lucky Me!

I'm not sure why I didn't end up taking too many pictures this week, but boy was I busy!  Of course, I had lots of plans with friends, along with a bunch of work commitments and interviews.  Somehow, we didn't eat out as much this week.  Crazy!  It's like my world has been turned upside down!

Also, my string of good luck continued, and although I love this grumpy little fish, he's the least exciting thing I won this week.  :)  Scroll down to read about the exciting items I collected victoriously!  Seriously, I don't know what's going on here, but the universe is giving me props lately.  :)


Precap (jump to):


This was going to be a busy weekend, so we decided to stay in.  My guy was itching to try out the ice maker he bought last week, so he made six ice cubes to try and perfect his technique.  Actually, since they're not cubes, I suppose that I should call them ice spheres...


Here's the best sphere of the bunch!



I had lots of errands to fun and very little time.  That's why I was a little annoyed that I turned on the car to find this the next morning.  Ugh!


Anyways, on with the errands!  I thought that this was not the greatest of deals...  What about you?


I passed on it and bought the supplies for the dessert that I shared on Monday.  Then, back home to make it!

Check out the "recipe" here.  :)

I even shared on Instagram how excited I was to torch those marshmallows!  Woo!


There was one home on our house-hunting list to check out, which was the most promising so far.  It's a fixer-upper, which doesn't scare me, but my guy wasn't as impressed...  Oh well!

We headed to our friend's house for a summer BBQ/housewarming.  Of course, I never remember to take pictures of friend time, so you shouldn't be too surprised that I forgot again.


Our day was pretty much consumed by my guy's company picnic.  He had to show up early to set up and man one of the game stations.  It was hot out, but such a beautiful day for a picnic!

Besides eating a ton of food, they had game booths set up for kids and adults alike!  My guy wanted to win a stuffed animal for me, but he just couldn't get one!  I had to win Mr. Grumpy Fish myself at the coin toss.  In addition to the kid games, there were adult games in the vein of "Minute to Win It."  One of them involved bouncing a pencil into a cup and another was dropping a CD onto a cup and having it stay in place.

I won $50 by winning 2nd place in the CD drop game!  I ALMOST won 1st place, but at the last moment someone swooped in on my 4.3 second time by dropping it in less than 2 seconds.  :(  It would have been $100, but I'm happy I won something nonetheless!  Can you believe that I won something even better on Tuesday?  Read on to find out!

Nothing to do with picnics, but this cartoon came up in conversation and I apparently saved the picture on my phone.  :)

When I got home, I got some sewing done!  Actually, it was just mending a button on my guy's coat.  Here's a tip for you!  If one button falls off on a coat/jacket, you should go ahead and re-sew the other buttons.  There's a chance that they were sewn similarly, and you can avoid losing another button and that awkward "one of these buttons is tighter than the others" appearance.



I had a business dinner at Spaghettini, and we were there for hours!  I snapped a quick picture of these Short Rib sliders, but I wasn't about to pull my phone out for the rest of the food.  The Margherita Pizza, Garlic shrimp, Flatbread, and Seabass were equally as delish.  :)



Not too many plans to report except for Interview #1 of the week.  Crossing my fingers!

I definitely hope that the luck I've had with contests spills over into my professional life because I actually won something huge...

A Silhouette Cameo!

Now, many of you will know that I already own one and have used it for many projects such as my 2013 planneretched beer steins, memo boardsvinyl aquarium decal, mini mason jar tumblers with chalkboard decals, nautical-inspired "odds & ends" jars, and a few other items I haven't blogged about.

That means that I'm going to gift this to my mom!  I almost can't wait for the holidays to roll around and her birthday is even further away.  I might just have make it a "just because" present.  :)

Anyways, it's exciting how much I've won lately and I hope the luck lasts.  :)  For today's question, I'm a bit curious and it'll be fun to see what everyone says...

What's the best thing you've won in a contest?


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