Time for a Facelift... ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Time for a Facelift...

Hi everybody!

As you know, last week I celebrated my birthday and since then I couldn't stop thinking about something.  For all of us, time marches on, and what used to be fresh and youthful becomes old and sad-looking.  Well, I made a big decision to have a facelift...

...for the blog!

No way am I going under the knife!  My mom wouldn't even consider it yet, and thank goodness I'll inherit her genes.  :)

First of all, the blog itself is going to be a bit fresher looking (at least I hope so) and I have a couple of sewing posts planned, that I can't wait to put together.  I actually have a few questions for all you lovely readers if you don't mind reading through, and just a little bit of advice would be so helpful!

If you happened to be reading at anytime yesterday, you might have seen me tinkering around and playing with the blog template.  My car was broken into AND I had to bring my car in to have the brakes replaced, so I spent the whole day filing a police/insurance reports and playing around on the office computer.  Boring/fun!

So if you're reading this on the blog itself, you'll automatically see a few changes!  The front page evolved a bit:


Here's the list of wants that I initially came up with for my dream blog:
1. Come up with a wallpaper & banner on my own, to remove the two watermarks at the top.
2. Use mint green & turquoise (my faves!).
3. Make it a bit "cleaner"
4. Widen the columns.
5. Make sidebar titles, a custom Pin button, and post divider.

Well, I did it!  Yay!

I feel like it's a little bit more me with the colors and the vintage watch face/steampunk influence.  :)

However, there are a few issues that I'm having so far with my limited design/computer skills.  Help please?

Questions For My Lovely Readers!

1. I want to put the social media buttons to the right of my banner, and I can't figure it out yet.  :(  Maybe someone can point me to a tutorial?

2. I can't decide between the following banners.  I won't even tell you what I think, just so I have unbiased opinions.  :)  Also, I could always clean up the second and third ones a bit, so the edges are nicer.  Which one do you prefer?


3. Also, I'm having issues with the sidebar titles because they're separated from content.  I was able to merge a couple with the HTML codes, but this is happening and I don't like it!  Would anybody know how to fix it?  I have a feeling this one will be more complicated.  :/

Update (6/14): All fixed!  And it only took me an hour or so.  :)


4. The post signature doesn't seem to be showing up sometimes, but I'll fix that one soon. :)

Update (6/14): 5 minutes to find a tutorial and 5 seconds to plug it in.  Yay!

Future Sewing Posts!

I told my sister that I wanted to sew something for her birthday, even though I'm a bit nervous to make something for someone else.  We have completely different styles, and I wanted to show her the patterns that I already have.  However, she lives a bit far and we only see each other every few weekends.  Thus, I have to wait to show her my pattern notebook and my fabrics.

Well, I decided to fix that by posting my entire pattern collection online!  That is going to not be too bad, since I already have most of them on my computer.  So you can look forward to that, even if the post is just intended for my sister.  :)

Next, I'm going to take out every fabric I own and photograph it.  THAT is going to take a looong time, and it'll definitely be a work-in-progress post, which I'll update from time to time.  :)

In the long run, it'll be much easier to show friends and family the patterns and fabric I have by just pointing them to the webpage.  Win-win!

So, if you don't mind helping out by clicking around and reporting any bugs to me, I'd be super happy.  :)  Thanks in advance for the advice, and I hope to get those posts up soon!


I love to hear your comments! And putting in your two cents is always free. :)