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Weekly Wrap-Up!

It was a laid back weekend, and I even got a little bit of sewing done!


My guy was out of town, but I thought it would be fun to have dinner out!  I was going to be healthy, until I got there and saw the menu.  Oops!

I ordered the chili cheese burger, but at least I substituted the fries for mushrooms...  Yeah, lame attempt to be good.  :)  Unfortunately, someone at the table ordered some fried macaroni & cheese for us to share as an appetizer.  Then, there was another shared dish for dessert, an amazing Key Lime pie.  It's a Crooked Duck favorite, and now I see why!



Since I was on my own, my friend came over and we did a little bit of crafting!  I had a couple of alterations to make and I made a dent into one of the many UFOs I have in my stash.  Yay!

I promise to share the finished products soon.  :)


I was famished and there was hardly in the food in the house, so I was delighted when I got asked to have lunch out.  I love when things work out like that.  :)

We went to a tiny little Korean Barbecue place to eat.  It was okay, but I really loved their grill!  I didn't get to snap a pic until after it they had thrown some of the meat on it already.  :)


Then, we decided to go shopping at the Korean market!  Ever since I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have a lot of good international markets around.  They are certainly the best for getting a great deal on lots of unique ingredients.

Check out this huge 10 pound bag of bean sprouts!  And it cost as much as a medium size bag in my local store.  Crazy!


There was also a Korean melon on sale, which I had never tasted.


Lucky for me that they had samples!  It tasted a little bit like a cross between a pear, jicama, and unripe honeydew.  Oh, but with a lot more seeds.  :)


And for my favorite aisle...  Candy!  One thing I appreciate about candies from other countries is the different flavors that you encounter.  Pumpkin, melon, chestnut, and red bean are really typical!  I bought these Milkita candies in the milk, strawberry, and melon flavors.  I didn't buy the Pocky this time, but I used to get them all the time when I was a kid!  When I lived out of state, I unsuccessfully tried to recreate them with a recipe online.  :(

Collage 2

I looove this little bakery on the side of the store!


I got a lovely green pea roll.  Yes, that is peas sweetened with sugar and mashed up into a paste and stuffed into a pretty pastry.  It's kind of like when you get red beans that have been sweetened.


On my way out the door, I saw one of my favorites!  I have no idea what this noodle dish is called, but it is awesome.  It is a cold noodle salad with a few veggies thrown in, mixed with fragrant sesame oil.  Amazing...


By the way, another thing that you rarely get in a typical grocery store is funny signs like this.  :)


After all the shopping, we stopped in at an awesome snowball place called Sno Biggie.  I loooved the snowballs in New Orleans, and these were pretty much dead on!  I got the strawberry shortcake, which was amazing...  My partner in crime got the multi-colored Pineapple, Mango & Cherry.  :)


And that was the end to a wonderful, sunny weekend!

I'm excited to go to a crafting fair this weekend and get some wonderful inspiration.  :)  Other than that, it'll be super low key again!

Anything exciting for you guys and Memorial Day?

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  1. Thanks for the tour! I get all my seafood at the Asian market. I've never tried a lot of the stuff you showed, but now I want to!


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