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Sewing Rewind: First Projects Ever!

Well, this is my last sewing rewind post, cataloging my past projects. They have definitely been getting less exciting, but now I can focus on future projects! Last week, I posted about my fails, specifically right before documenting my first projects so I could reflect on how far I've come. Yes, maybe a bit self-serving to boost my confidence, but I needed it after some of those messes of projects!

Here they are in all their grandeur. ;)

Envelope Pillowcases

The very first project in my sewing class was to sew up some pillowcases. I had joined the class one week late, so I was just learning how to use a machine while everybody else made their pillowcases.

However, I kept an eye on what they were doing, so I could get it done quicker during the next class time. I bought some sale fabric from Joann's (same as from my now internationally famous tutorial) and was an overachiever and made two! I mean, who really needs just one pillow anyways!

Bandana / Headband

Next, I made a bandana and headband-type thing after finishing up the pillowcases. It was that same Easter fabric that I used in some projects that I've already shared with you.

I'll never wear it, but it was like magic watching someone work with elastic, turn a band inside out, and make a usable accessory! Seriously, I was impressed with myself when I actually made it correctly.

Binder Covers

You've already seen how I organize my patterns, but you didn't quite see the binder covers that they came in! It was the same exact fabric as the bandana above, and the lining was the fabric that someone left behind (the same lining I used in all my pouches!).

Yes, I have two of them, only because I had cut all of my pieces with my rainbow fabric when someone mentioned that I could having a contrast lining. It seemed cute, so I decided to cut the lining pieces. I didn't want to waste the fabric I had already cut, so I ended up making another one, with an inverse pattern. I tend to do that!

Anyways, there are the last of my projects to share, and I'm not even there to celebrate!

What are the first things you ever made?


  1. Super cute!! I love that scallop pattern! I am impressed with the headband! I have been wanting to make one myself.

  2. Thanks! Those were the first things I ever made. :) Good times!


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