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Weekly Wrap-Up: Secret Projects & Tasty Dishes

When I started these weekly wrap-ups, I wasn't sure what they would be all about.  Now, I know that I like to document my food activities most of all.  Can you blame me?  That will definitely change in April when I get to share some of my exciting travel!

But for now, here is a week of local adventures.  :)

Precap: Read on for a few sneak peeks of three future projects, shopping fun, some yummy waffles at The Iron Press, and delicious seafood at Walt's Wharf!


Remember last week, when I shared my deals from the Banana Republic Factory Store?  Well, it turned out that one of the items still had a security sensor in it!  I had to go back to have it removed, and in the process bought a few more items.  Oops!

And this time, I spent about $5 per item.  Yes, you heard me right.   That's four pretty garments for $20!  :)

The contrast band is so flirty and feminine!

Wrinkly, but a beautiful color!

Sparkly, but not too sparkly :)

Cute shirt for work or play

You'll never guess what happened as I was photographing these.  I found ANOTHER security tag on the gold skirt!  I think that's the catch.  I get great deals on these clothes, but they find a way to drag me in week after week.  Next time, I run in and out without opening my eyes.


I worked on a project with a friend of mine, and it turned out great!  Tune in tomorrow for the results!  For now, here's a very blurry sneak peek...  :)

What could it be?

*Update*  Click here for the project!


I worked on a mini-project for my mom, which also turned out pretty great!  I'm feeling on a roll with my projects, which I hope lasts for a while!  Stay tuned next week for the results.  :)

Another sneak peek...

Turtles?  What the heck?

*Update*  Click here for the project!

I also hemmed two pairs of paints and started to work on a sewing project (finally!).  This girl was starting to get a little rusty!


I kept working on the sewing project and completed everything but the buttons.  I don't know why I always stall there, but I do!  Until I finish it up, here's a sneak peek with my button choices.  Anyone want to weigh in on the best selection?  I'm leaning towards the fabric one for now...

We headed to The Iron Press for an early dinner to meet up with some friends, because we have to sample lots of waffles & beer prior to our time in Belgium!  Duh!

Anyways, we sat at the bar area where we could see the waffles being prepped.  Later on, we moved to a table for better socializing.  :)

I stuck to my plain water, but my man picked out a beer.

I'm realizing how often we eat at fatty places and my guy drinks beer, but we're not huge people!  I swear!  And amazingly, my man has no beer belly.  He's committed to his P90X!

Prior to showing up, we snuck a peek at the menu and at Yelp, and decided that we both wanted the Chicken & Waffle sandwich.  It was by far the most photographed menu item, and after our trip to Bruxie, he was positive that it would be the best menu option.  Also, he knows that I always order the better item!

I generally like to sample more than one item, so our M.O. is to order two different dishes and switch half.  Luckily, when we got there, I noticed the Country Style special below and I was sold!

We were majorly hungry, so we decided to share some Tater Tots with Sriracha Ketchup too.  A couple of people at the table ordered waffle fries too, but I think we did better.

Just take a gander at these tots!


My man got his chicken & waffle sandwich.  It was a proper sandwich, unlike Bruxie's foldover.  The waffles were ridiculously light and crispy!

Then, my Country Style waffle came, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was open faced!

The verdict?  We were split on this place versus Bruxie.  We preferred the Bruxie sandwich over this one, and we both agreed that the Country Style waffle was amazing and definitely better than the sandwich.  Yet again, I chose the better dish!  I'm just sayin...

Also, the Tater Tots were sooo good, without anything to compare it to at Bruxie, so another point to The Iron Press.

Unfortunately, my man had two beers and was too full for a sweet waffle.  I would have gotten it myself, but that would have been crazy to eat all on my own.  :(  Next time, we'll sample the tiebreaker!

After getting home, we fought the food coma and DVRed our way through the Oscars.  Argo!


Typically, we don't go out for weekday dinners, but my sister was in town.  After some deliberating, we headed to a seafood spot called Walt's Wharf that is ALWAYS busy on weekends.

I started with the New England Clam Chowder.  It's just so hard to pass up when I see it on the menu...

Not much to look at but so, so good!

I ordered a Mahi Mahi dish, of which I accidentally erased the picture, but it looked basically like this.  White, flaky and delicious!

The chilled seafood platter took up basically the entire table!  You can't even see everything on there, because there are scallops and other items behind the lobster tail.  This was someone else's dish, but we all chipped in.  What a sacrifice...

Looking ahead to this weekend, I can't wait to figure out the last of my travel plans!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed restaurant, activity, and transportation suggestions.  I've gotten a bunch of help from you guys, especially from people who are apparently trying to procrastinate a bit from real responsibilities & studies!

Any fun weekend plans out there?


  1. I love all of your Banana Republic finds! That first skirt is so pretty. We have a factory outlet about 30 minutes away, but I have never found good deals like that! And I personally like all of your button options, but I'd lean more toward the fabric one too. :)

    1. I know! I was really surprised, and they seem to be marking everything down probably for the new season's arrivals? I'm not complaining!

      Thanks for your vote! I'll get to the buttons & buttonholes this weekend probably. :)

  2. So much yummy food! Good thing I just ate lunch.

    I like all of those buttons, but I think the type on the top right corner look best with the fabric. The one underneath it is my second choice. :)

    1. Ha! I always grocery shop when I'm hungry, and then pay the price with too much food to fit in the fridge.

      I just realized that the fabric button has a bunch of lint on it for some reason, but I think it's the winner too. I love your second choice button too, but some people thought it was brown (in real life) so I think I've settled on the fabric one by unanimous vote!


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