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Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs

Welcome to my first Gift Guide for the 2015 Holiday Season!  I have several more planned for upcoming weeks, so you're guaranteed to find something useful for your shopping list!

If you have been a reader since the beginning of Vintage Zest, you will know how much of a travel bug I am.  So far, I've taken you through the U.S. (New York, Nashville, Las Vegas, New Orleans), Europe (England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland), the Philippines, and Australia!

Now that my feet have been planted for a bit, I put together a gift guide for the travel aficionado in your life.  I have included some items that I personally use in my travels, plus I've pulled items from my wishlist (hint hint, friends and family).  Also, I'm happy to say that there are some amazing finds from some past Shop Small Saturday Showcase features as well!

Let's take a look!

Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs on Vintage Zest #travel #holiday #gift #shopping

Hitting the Road

Here are a few items to make sure you hit the road (or the skies) in style!
  1. Karma WiFi mobile hotspot $149 : I always need WiFi, so on the road this is a lifesaver!
  2. Trakdot Luggage tracker $62.50 : Make sure you don't lose your bags with this nifty gadget.
  3. p.o.p. Tasters from p.o.p. Candy $25 : I always bring something yummy to eat (much better than salted peanuts), and the little tasters are the perfect size for popping into a carry-on!
  4. Ezra Kimono from Reverie $48 : This is a three-in-one garment, which is great not only for its multiple purposes.  It also looks chic and won't show wrinkles!
  5. VIM & VIGR Compression Socks $34.95 : Compression socks are a must when you're travelling, but they can look cute too!  Personally, I have the nautical stripes version, but they're all super cute.  :)
  6. Vintage Swiss Army Breadbag from ReclamationDept $76 : I heart all of their bags, but I chose this one because it is especially rugged and weather-proof!
  7. Sennheiser folding headphones $74.99 : I actually own these in both black and white... because I like to match the device I'm working on.  Don't judge!
  8. Globe Watch Necklace from Rewind Jewelry $120 : I own two pieces of theirs, but this one actually tells time!  Cute and functional!
  9. PowerSkin Battery pack $49.99 : This has saved not just my behind, but a lot of family, friends, and even an occasional stranger at the airport. I have the bright pink version, but you can choose from several different colors.

Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs on Vintage Zest #travel #holiday #gift #shopping

Good Old-fashioned Paper!

For all of you that miss thumbing through a book and sending postcards home, I have some great ideas!

  1. The Original Home State Personalized Return Address Stamp from Paper Pastries $60 : I adore the personalized return address stamp, which will make sending out letters a breeze!
  2. Air Mail Postcard Set from Warren Tales $6 : Hands down, the cutest postcards I've seen!  Buy a few sets and send them to your friends and family on the road.
  3. Heart Journal from Cardtorial $29 : Remember to take note of where you've been and everything you're doing.  There are tons of designs to choose from, but this is one of my faves.
  4. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day $9.44 : Help your loved one save a few pennies (or pence), so they can spend them on an extra souvenir for you. :)
  5. The Farm to Table French Phrasebook: Master the Culture, Language and Savoir Faire of French Cuisine $12.93 : Make sure that you know what Tête de Veau is before you eat it. (P.S. - it's calf brains)
  6. They Eat Horses, Don't They?: The Truth About the French $17.99 : This was so funny, you'll have to check this out before your next trip to France!
  7. A Passion for Paris: Romanticism and Romance in the City of Light $18.38 : And if you're headed to Paris in particular, this is a great book to read beforehand and bring along as an informal guidebook!
  8. 25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants $11.95 : If you're traveling closer to home, check out this book all about my favorite food city in the U.S.  I have a few more restaurants to add to my list, and a few that he should add to his!

Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs on Vintage Zest #travel #holiday #gift #shopping

On the Town

When you're out and about, you'll want a few of these gadgets!

  1. GoPro HERO4 $339.99 : My brother-in-law brought this to the Philippines, and we got some amazing pictures swimming with the sharks! I want to get my own for our next trip, especially for when we go skiing.  Wheeee!
  2. CardNinja $9.91 : It's best not to carry too much with you while sight-seeing (thieves and sore backs come to mind). Thus, the CardNinja is essential for making sure that you keep the cards and cash hidden and down to the minimum!
  3. Fitbit Surge $240.99 : I wear this practically all day, every day.  I like keeping track of my steps and my sleep, plus the GPS feature on the Surge is awesome to see where you've walked the whole day.
  4. Pocket Earth off-line world map $5.99 : I used this all throughout my Europe trip, which was especially useful in Ireland, driving without clear street signs.  I marked off important places with flags and pre-planned routes to make things run even smoother!
  5. GoMacro bars variety pack $36.99 : I love these bars. The mini versions are delicious, filling, and don't take up much space in your bag.  I've tried every flavor and they're all great!

Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs on Vintage Zest #travel #holiday #gift #shopping

Post-Sightseeing Essentials

After a whole day out and about, you might want to some of these waiting for you back at the hotel.

  1. Skincare Mini Kit from Bambu Earth $49 : Make sure your skin stays healthy after being exposed to the elements all day with these mini versions of the fabulous Bambu products!
  2. Soy Candles (travel size) from Wilderess $8 : I love the Woodland scent from Wilderness, but all of them smell gorgeous while taking a soak in the tub.
  3. Foot Soak Bags from Feet Tea $2.25 and up : Get one of Feet Tea's body soaks or their original foot soak bags for the trip. Actually, bring a few along for every day you plan to sight-see!
  4. Sworkit Pro - Personal Trainer for Daily Circuit Training Workouts, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching Routines That Fit Your Schedule $3.99 : Work off some of that rich food OR stretch out tired muscles with this handy app for customizable workouts.
  5. SOL Republic PUNK Bluetooth Speaker $49.40 : Play some soothing music or energizing tunes from your phone!  I own the blue version, but you can choose from a few different colors.

Gift Guide: for Travel Bugs on Vintage Zest #travel #holiday #gift #shopping

And that's it!  Actually once you're back at home, scratch off your destination on your personalized Scratch-off World Map Poster ($29.99) and start planning your next trip!

I hope you find something for the travel aficionado in your life, or for yourself when the travel bug bites you next!

Happy shopping & traveling!

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