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Gift Guide: For Tech Geeks

Welcome to my seventh gift guide of the season, and this one is for the technology buff (or tech geek) in your life!  (Psst...  Check out these links if you missed my other six gift guides for Travel BugsMenKidsDogsEveryone, and the Home!)

This may not be your typical "Technology Gift Guide" post with all the fancy bells and whistles.  Yes, there are some big ticket items, but I'm also including great affordable stocking stuffer ideas and a lot of items that are for technology as well.  You'll see what I mean!  As always, I have included a couple of favorite shops from Shop Small Saturday and lots of other items that you'll want to add to your shopping list!

Let's get to the guide!

Say Cheese!

Gift Guide for Tech Geeks on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  • Sony Digital Camera, $548 :  This is the updated version of my camera, and people ALWAYS ask what I'm using both on social media and in real life.  Here it is!
  • Camera bag, $47.99 :  I love a pretty camera bag, and this is one is gorgeous!  It's so cute, I would use it as my purse and even my boyfriend wouldn't mind carrying it around as well.
  • Camera Strap, $19.89 :  There are so many pretty straps, and I adore this print most of all.  Too cute!
  • Camera light, $28.99 :  I own this light, and it's amazing for low-light situations when I'm out at media events.  Get one, or even a couple!
  • 5-in-1 collapsible reflector, $18.50 :  This isn't a set of 5 reflectors, it's actually 5 in 1!  It's pretty ingenious if you ask me.  :)
  • Instax Instant Camera, $69.95 :  Remember shaking it like a Polaroid picture?  (Sing it, Outkast!)  This pink camera is a way to relive the nostalgia with instant photos, shaking optional.
  • Instax Neo Classic Instant Camera, $133.88 :  Just in case the pink version is too cutesy, this one looks like an old-school film camera but you have your pictures in just a few minutes!

Hello?  Phone-y Gifts  ;)

Gift Guide for Tech Geeks on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  • Wood Charging Dock, $32.49 :  I would stash a few of these around the house, considering how functional and pretty they are!
  • iPhone lenses, $42.57 :  Turn your phone into a pretty legit camera with these lenses.  It's on my list, hint hint...
  • mophie Powerstation RED Battery pack, $46.43 :  I own this to charge just about everything on the go.  So useful in a tech emergency!
  • Teal x Dark Wood x Maroon Geometric Case, $18.99 - $23.99 :  I love this case, and best of all, it's made in all different sizes, so you can find one to fit your phone!
  • Emoticon Earrings from Grey Theory Mill, $22 :  Wear your emotions not just on your sleeve, but in your ears!  I'm thinking about getting two pairs, and wearing a different earring on each ear: goofy, then embarrassed... Story of my life.  :)
  • Smartphone printer, $182 :  You can print out photos straight from you phone?!?!  It makes SO much more sense to print copies out for your peeps than just accumulating them and figuring out which ones to delete to make more storage room...
  • Phone light, $16.99 :  A mini version of the camera light above, this one packs a punch!  It's tiny, but it gets the job done when I don't want to carry around my bigger camera light.

Even More!

Gift Guide for Tech Geeks on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  • Wireless Headphones, $299 :  I heart these, ESPECIALLY in the gold color.  So, so pretty and wireless too!
  • Leather cord keepers, $19.99 :  Even if your headphones are wireless, you probably have a ton of cords floating around for charging, syncing, etc.  Keep them tangle-free with these cord keepers, perfect for a stocking stuffer.
  • iPad mini, $235.09 :  My mom's iPad saved me last time I was in Europe, and now I'm ready to spring for my own, in the mini size this time!  It's a lot more compact for traveling and just as functional!
  • Fitbit Surge, $243.93 :  I own this and love it for tracking just about anything!  I even included it in my Travel Bug gift guide!
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $79.95 :  This speaker is top of the line, and it's even splash proof for poolside listening!
  • Desk cord organizers,  $9.95 :  Clip a couple of these to your desk, bedside, or charging area to corral those errant cords neatly and efficiently.
  • Small Messenger Bag with Ford Falcon / Sprint V8 emblem from King Bag Company, $225 :  Tote around your laptop, books, and other necessities with this awesome bag!  It uses actual materials used in automobile making, so you know they're tough and going to protect your valuables!

I'm excited about a lot of these presents and adding them to my list too.  :)

Happy shopping!

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