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Gift Guide: for Home Chefs

Welcome to my tenth gift guide of the season, for all of the home chefs and kitchen dabblers out there!  (Psst...  Check out these links if you missed my other nine gift guides for Travel BugsMenKidsDogsEveryonethe HomeTech Geeks, Crafty Gals, and The Edible Gift Guide!)

The room where most probably spend the most time in could arguably be the kitchen, because who doesn't love eating and making delicious treats?  Then, why not outfit your favorite room with some awesome appliances, pretty serving pieces, and a complete library of cookbooks!  Hopefully you can find something new to add to your shopping list.  :)

Let's get to the guide!

Cooking Appliances & Tools

Gift Guide for Home Chefs on Diane's Vintage Zest!  #shopsmall #giftguide

  • 8 inch Chef Knife Crimson Series High Carbon German Steel With G10 Ergonomic Handle, $65.95 :  I personally use this knife for all kinds of chopping.  The ergonomic handle is both functional and pretty!
  • Tagine, $99.96 :  I bought this tagine a few years ago, and it serves as an elegant serving dish as well!
  • Automatic Stirrer, $59.95 :  You mean you don't have to spend all your time by the stove stirring and stirring?  It's SUCH a lifesaver for people like me who sometimes forget to keep an eye on all the burners.  :)
  • Adjustable Pastry wheel, $21.95 :  Not only is this pastry wheel a useful tool, it's adjustable with interchangeable discs!
  • Kitchen scale, $12.14 :  Every home cook needs a kitchen scale.  :)
  • Kitchen Torch, $27.99 :  Use this to make my easy S'mores Mini Donuts!
  • Draining sieve, $29.95 :  This tool is so useful for draining quickly, without having to take out (and wash) a colander.
  • Salt & Pepper shakers, $27.97 :  You can adjust the coarseness of your salt and pepper with these grinders.
  • Butter warmer, $9.99 :  Need that butter warmed through?  These may help.  :)
  • Measuring cups, $24.90 :  I love the cheekiness of these measuring cups from 1/4 cup of kisses to 1 cup of love!  :)
  • Food Mill, $49.95 :  Food mills are such a helpful kitchen tool, streamlining so many of my kitchen jobs!
  • 5-in-1 Grill, $74.99 :  This grill also functions as a waffle maker, griddler, and panini press.  It's definitely on my wishlist!  :)

Ingredients & Serving Pieces

Gift Guide for Home Chefs on Diane's Vintage Zest!  #shopsmall #giftguide

  • Tea kettle, $24.99 :  This tea kettle is so gorgeous, it gives me a reason to use it every day!
  • Tea towels, $19.99 for 18 :  You can never have too many tea towels...
  • Cake stand, $46.34 :  Can someone gift this to me?  I love the vintage-y pattern and it would certainly make any baked good look beautiful!
  • Tiered Cake Tray Stand, $39.99 :  Serve appetizers, baked goods, and other dishes on this lovely serving piece.
  • Bamboo Serving Bowls, $45.99 :  Bamboo bowls in my favorite color?  Yes, please!  You can get them in a variety of other colors as well.  :)
  • Ground 2 Table Spice Blends, from $1.99 :  I love these prepackaged spice packets, some with fresh herbs, for quick and delicious meals in a flash!  There are so many varieties, make sure to look around and pick out your favorites.  :)
  • Thrive Algae Oil, $11.99 :  This heart-healthy oil is my newest cooking obsession!  It works great in all kinds of dishes, and it is so clean-tasting that it will really bring out the flavor of the ingredients that you are cooking.
  • Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit, $22.40 :  I cannot wait to make my own tofu!  I have this kit ready for my next cooking session, and I'm so excited to see the results.  I plan to make it regularly as a part of my new healthy eating plan!
  • Holman Ranch Olive Oil, $20 :  Just a drizzle over the top of almost any dish is fantastic!  Holman Ranch, which also produces lovely wines, is also a lovely spot for a vacation.  In fact, I'm going to pick up a bottle when I'm there next month!

Cookbooks for Your Library!

Gift Guide for Home Chefs on Diane's Vintage Zest!  #shopsmall #giftguide

Food from around the world:

Getting healthy:
  • Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes, $17.48 :  The maker of The Pure Bar and other yummy treats has a wonderful cookbook with gorgeous photos.
  • Vegan Everyday, $18.52 :  I already eat my fill of veggies, but I love having a bunch of different recipes on hand when I want to try something different!
  • Simple Green Smoothies, $17 :  I love starting the day with a green smoothie, and this book is FULL of amazing recipes.  It's from the same ladies behind the popular Instagram account, so you know everything is delicious and beautiful!
  • Simply Vegetarian Thai, $19.95 :  Thai food is some of my favorite in the world, so I'll be dipping into this book regularly.  You should too!  :)
  • The Dehydrator Bible, $16.85 :  I love using my dehydrator, and there are so many new delicious recipes for me to try!


Happy Shopping!

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