Venting about First World Problems... ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Venting about First World Problems...

So this is the day that I promised to share my Mad About Plaid Challenge, but it has been a crazy week lately and you will see why soon...

I just need to vent quickly about the silly things that have been happening in my life lately.  However, in the spirit of positivity and putting things in perspective, I'm going to try to come up with at least one good event for every poopy item on my list...


Bad #1:  I lost some pictures in the move to my new computer, including the ones for the Mad About Plaid Challenge.

Good #1a:  I have a new computer!  It's faster, lighter, and not 5 years out of date.  :)

Good #1b:  I still have the jacket and the camera, so all is not last.  Yay!

Venting about First World Problems on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Bad #2:  I spent a ton of time on phones this week with customer service representatives, two of which were really, really rude!

  • In one instance, a website made a mistake in not applying a credit to a gift order.  My options were to cancel or be overcharged, according to one lady.  She then put me on hold for 13 minutes and hung up.
  • In another instance, I was supposed to be refunded a partial amount for a workshop that was cancelled, but the lady interrogated me when I could not produce all of the confirmation numbers that she needed within 5 seconds.  I had them soon after, but she already accused me of being a liar and wondered why I even cared about being refunded such a small amount.  Ugh!

Good #2a:  I eventually spoke with other people in the respective companies, who were so much nicer!

  • The second customer representative fixed the problem after admitting the mistake.  Also, I did not wait for the first lady to come back from putting me on hold, so I did not waste 13 minutes waiting for her on my home phone.  I made a second call from my cell phone and had the problem fixed in less time than it took for Ms. Rude to hang up on me.
  • I was not refunded, but I spoke with the manager in charge of Ms. Super-Rude and she admitted that the employee had an ongoing problem.

Good #2b: I could afford to not get refunds from these people at all, so I am lucky to not be hard-pressed financially.  Perspective!

Venting about First World Problems on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Bad #3:  I have a TON of things on my plate right now.  Work, furthering my career (which is work outside of work), and school are taking time away from the things I love.  Less creative output has left me a bit sad.  :(

Good #3a:  It's good to be busy and I am lucky to be moving forward!

Good #3b:  I literally scheduled in creative time for the next few months, and I am going to start taking a woodworking night classes.  I am SOOO excited about that because it has been on my to do list for forever!

Venting about First World Problems on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Bad #4:  It's hard to get back into things, especially with so much less time, so yeah... it's been rough!

Good #4a:  I still have my young fitness age, so that's going for me!

Good #4b:  Also, I'm not any worse than before, and since starting up my food journal again, I realized that I REALLY need to have breakfast to have a good day, for my energy and eating habits.   Lightbulb moment!  So no more skipping breakfast, even if I have to worry about #3.  :)

Venting about First World Problems on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Good #5:  Yes, I have a good without a bad!  In all seriousness, a few months ago there was a lady at the gym who was having a rough time with some health issues and did not know what else to do.  Despite her severely depressed mood around her menses, she felt the antidepressants prescribed from her PCP had not helped for the preceding few months and she was basically a zombie.  Being in the medical field, I had strong suspicions of what was going on.  I suggested that she seek a second opinion from a Ob/Gyn, especially since her PCP normally covered her annual visits.  I saw her this week at the gym, and she was incredibly happy!  She was completely taken off of the antidepressants and was back to herself with the correct medications.  She could not stop thanking me, and I had that little happy glow when I do something good for someone else.  :)

Venting about First World Problems on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Thanks for listening to me vent!

Having to deal with computer issues, rude customer service agents, time commitments, and remembering to make healthy choices is actually not a bad deal.  In fact, I came up with two things for every item that I listed, plus my bonus item at the end.  :)

Now that is off of my chest, I feel great again and can't wait to re-photograph my coat, give the gift that I ordered from the website, have lots of opportunities waiting for me, and plan my healthy meals for tomorrow.  That's every item checked off and fixed!  Woo!

How do you put things into perspective?  I can always use extra tips!


  1. Wow, what a great turn-around! It's definitely refreshing to be able to look at the silver lining! Thanks for sharing!

  2. my advice with customer service reps is if the one you get doesn't sound helpful, hang up and get another. also for me, it's not about the money, it's about the principle (i.e., not applying a discount code or credit, not getting the refund you deserve). that stuff totally bothers me and i will fight for every penny.

  3. I love the images you posted, I can totally relate! I love that you found some good points to go with every "poopy" one :) I think I'll have to try doing that from now on! What are you going to school for? It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and I don't know how you always manage to blog! Hope this venting session helped and that you don't have to deal with rude customer service people anymore!

  4. I can't believe the customer service, that's terrible. I'm glad all was resolved and it's great that you were able to see the good in all those things. Sometimes that can be so hard! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. I love how you saw all the good within your bad. I have learned that if I simply look at my bad as a temporary experience, it's much easier to deal with. I only bask in positives and not negatives.

  6. Yes, I usually hang up as soon as possible in order to find someone who doesn't have a bug up their butt. It doesn't happen often, but I was just amazed that I had to deal with it twice in a week!

  7. Yes, the venting session totally helped! As for school, let's just say that I am racking up the degrees like crazy, but in fields that are not creative at all. The blog is my outlet, which is why I love doing it! :)

  8. Thanks! It definitely took me time to calm down, but man that second lady was ridiculously rude! I hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  9. Exactly! I try to let things go as much as possible, but when they start piling up, I need to vent! Thanks for reading and I will definitely remember that it is only temporary. :)

  10. I appreciate that you were still able to see positives in your negative situations. Love that - and the ecards. I always try to look on the brighter side of things when something crappy happens and I always remind myself "things could be worse!"

    Woodworking sounds like fun! Hope you can keep us updated with how that goes!

  11. Thanks! And yes, I will update you if I actually figure out how to make anything. I'm a complete newbie to anything involving woodworking! :)


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