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Weekly Wrap-Up: Retro Row, Honduran food & Raw Chocolate!

The weekly wrap-up for today is basically centered around our plans on Saturday.  As I mentioned in my venting post, I have been super busy.  Still, we took some time out to have some fun in the fun little neighborhood of Retro Row in Long Beach.  There was some serious eating, followed by lots of window shopping and design inspiration!  :)

 photo RetroRow7_zps0e6affd2.jpg
Design inspiration galore!

On Saturday, I was determined to use a Groupon to Honduras Kitchen before it expired.  I was hoping it would be good since I had never eaten Honduran food before...  OMG, I have a new favorite restaurant to add to the list!  If you have never clicked over to The Episodic Eater to read one of my wrap-up posts, you will want to see this one.  Click here to read more about our yellow cherry/passionfruit/guanabana/tamarindo juice choice, our tasting of baleadas, and the amazing fried chicken below!

From my Instagram feed.  Follow me if you want to see more!

Afterwards, we went to Anandamide just down the street and spied all of the treats that the "psychedelic delicatessen" had to offer.  No really, they call it that!  Check it out on The Episodic Eater.

Another Instagram pic!

Then, we were headed off to check out Retro Row!  Fourth Street in Long Beach has some pretty awesome vintage stores, restaurants, and furniture shops.  Let's take a quick peek down the street into the couple of shops that I dragged my fella into!

First of all, this is a pretty awesome way to welcome people to the corner of 4th & Cherry, right?  Check out the headlights.  :)

Welcome to Retro Row!
Do you think my mom would consider planting her succulents in a rusted out car?  Hmmm...

Here are a couple of awesome vintage shops just across the street!

And another one!  Funky, right?

 photo RetroRow4_zpsb08ee8a8.jpg
The LB AIDS Assistance Thrift Store Facebook page

It was super sunny, but maybe you can see the retro lines of this building?

 photo RetroRow1_zps6dbe0fbc.jpg
I never promised I was a photographer...

Colorful buildings, and of course a yoga studio.  :)

 photo RetroRow5_zps8a470e89.jpg

I love the Art theater's Art Deco design, don't you?  It's very appropriate that the sign just says "Art" because I think it is!  Note, they show Rocky Horror at midnight for all of you fans.  :)

 photo RetroRow6_zpsf9dda90e.jpg

Now, I am going to skip Trebor/Nevets for now because I took a BUNCH of beautiful pictures that I wanted to share.  We'll get to them later.  :)

 photo RetroRow13_zps8e86cb8e.jpg

For all of you roller skate enthusiasts, Moxi is your store!

 photo RetroRow15_zps1ae6d538.jpg

One of my favorite stores, inretrospect!

 photo RetroRow14_zps6c52f3ad.jpg
So much to see, but not through those super reflective windows...

There are SO many stores to document, that it's really just worth it to see in person or hit their websites for more info.  If you get hungry, I know that Number Nine and Honduras Kitchen are always delicious, plus many more nearby restaurants!

 photo RetroRow16_zpsebb08de6.jpg

And now for the Trebor/Nevets mini tour!  So many beautiful pieces like this lucite bar cart and restored chair.  It has a matching partner if you want two chairs.

 photo RetroRow7_zps0e6affd2.jpg

I love the drawer pulls on this one.  Looks like it's right out of Mad Men to me!

 photo RetroRow9_zps91779b39.jpg

I really liked this chest even more!  Glossy white, gold details, and square drawer pulls?  Vintage perfection!

 photo RetroRow11_zpse07081fb.jpg

My guy, who isn't a huge retro/vintage fan actually liked this light fixture!

 photo RetroRow10_zpsb89ae1d6.jpg

It was suspended about their conference area, which had a crazy table with tons of legs underneath!

 photo RetroRow8_zps12d03933.jpg

For the last piece that I wanted to share with you, I completely adored this chest of drawers.  The drawer inserts are slightly rounded and the pulls were a feature themselves: extra large and tipped with metal accents.

 photo RetroRow12_zpsb5378f7f.jpg

Well, I hope you enjoyed a tiny tour of the 4th Street storefronts and a peek into just one of the fun stores along Retro Row.  Next time, I'll try to take even more pictures and pop into more stores for another mini tour.

Do you have a "Retro Row" in your city?


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