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Saturday synopsis!

My first full week of blogging done!  It was a very stressful week, career-wise, and I'm glad I had something fun to do during my downtime.  This weekend is going to include a friend's karaoke party, a fancy dinner, and hopefully a bit of sewing.

I hope you all have a fun weekend too!

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday:  I detailed all of the fabric I bought over the weekend.  It will DEFINITELY last me for a while!

Tuesday:  I had to get all that fabric off of my floor!  Fold, fold, fold...

Wednesday:  So many inspirational blogs, so little time.

Thursday:  I did something crafty this week!  Beer steins for some special peeps.

Friday: I didn't have a chance a cook at all this week.  Eek!  But I did have a chance to eat.  A LOT.


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