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Foodie Friday!

I was supposed to do some cooking this week, but I had something important to focus on for my career.  Thus, I ended up having to eat out this week a bit more than normal.

Therefore, I figured I would round up some yummy items I ate!

Precap:   UMAMIcatessen, cha2oSimmzy's



Last Friday when I went to the Fashion District, I ended up stopping by UMAMIcatessen for takeout.  Soooo worth it!

These pictures aren't mine, but they illustrate how tasty everything is much better than mine do.

For appetizers, the pickle platter & caramelized butternut squash.  The pickles are amazing, but the squash could have been better.  I love squash, but it was lacking sweetness that I wanted when I hear the word caramelized.

For the burgers, the original Umamiburger and the Earth burger.  The Umamiburger is just the best, hands down.  I mean, look at that cheese crisp!  So good!  The earth burger was decent for a veggie burger, but I wanted it to be a little better...

Next, dessert!  The ridiculously, ridiculously good whiskey bread pudding and tres leches donut. By far, these were the hit of the night. The bread pudding was almost like a donut in texture with a citrusy zing and an amazing ricotta cream. The dried fruit was plumped up and amazing!!! The trestl leches donut conversely had more of the texture of bread pudding! I'm full and happy just looking at these pictures. :)


We stopped there for a yummy dinner on a night that was super hectic.  We ordered a veggie hot pot (with extra napa cabbage) and Singapore noodles with beef for dinner.

And the best part of cha2o for sure is their crazy drinks.  This one is called Summer Breeze with strawberry, mango, jackfruit, logan, basil seeds, and rainbow jelly in coconut juice.  See how it looks before and after mixing!  So colorful!

Honestly, I came here for the dessert.  I know, I know!  Anyways, the table ordered the blue cheese haystack.  I ordered extra sauce, and it was very necessary!

For dinner, I got the arugula salad foldover.  So good, so good, so good.

For dessert, the apple filled donut!!!  Here it is in all it's glory.  There is definitely a ton of ice cream on that sucker.  The salted caramel and pistachios are such a great contrast to the sweet apple-y goodness.  Yum!!!

Looking forward to eating out around town this weekend and actually cooking something for myself soon!


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