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Weekly Wrap-Up: Viva Las Vegas!

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after taking a trip?  Well, my trip to Vegas was super tiring and I'm only just recovering!  Yes, they're problems that aren't really problems.  :)

Oh, and daylight savings time is totally messing with my head...

Hello Little Miss!

Precap: Serger class, Vegas fun: Bouchon, outlet shopping, Noodle Asia, Pinot Brasserie, gelato, I  Burgers

This may not be super exciting to most people, but I enrolled in a serger class!  It's only three weeks long, but it'll be just enough time for me to figure out whether or not I'll want to get one of these machines sooner rather than later.

So far, I learned how to thread the thing and adjust the tensions to get a somewhat even stitch.  Also, now I know how to move around the knife down and change to a rolled hem.  Next class is cutting a pattern to actually create a garment!  I'll share pictures next week.  :)

We headed to Vegas and had dinner at Bouchon as soon as we arrived.  Yum!

Mussels and fries to start.  We're practicing for Belgium!

I got the Leg of Lamb, which was pretty good...

But I was in love with the cauliflower gratin that I ordered and...

the macaroni and cheese that my man ordered!  Both were so cheesy and creamy!

Speaking of my man, he ordered the roast chicken.  Just perfection!

By the way, I don't typically take pictures of other peoples' food besides our own because that would be awkward of me to reach over someone else's plate to snap a photo!

The next day, we did normal Vegas stuff.  Also, we went shopping at the Outlets, where I made out like a bandit!

For my last few visits to Vegas, I always went into the Kate Spade store hoping for a great deal but left empty-handed every time.  You know how I love my Kate Spade, but I can't bear to pay so much for a label, even with super cute designs.  Well, this time I walked out with the Pebbled Ace of Spades Kaleigh!

After finding it in the 50% clearance section and with an extra 10% AAA discount, it cost only $48! Yay!

I didn't get this envelope clutch, but how cute and cheeky is the design?

Next, I needed to buy a travel bag from Le Sportsac.  For our last trip through Europe, I brought my black medium sized Travel Tote, which was great for all of our stuff.

However, it was kind of a pain to only have one hand free.  Those bags can be expensive, so I made it a point to head to the outlet where I could browse through the discontinued prints!

First of all, I knew that I wanted a crossbody bag, but the tiny Kasey bag that everyone buys is just way too small!

Luckily, I found this bag in a somewhat neutral color and it seems roomy enough for all the essentials.  It even expands, which will be nice if I accumulate souvenirs along the way.  Yay!

Best of all, I was able to get this bonus bag for only about $8 extra because of my extra discount.  It fits a camera perfectly, should I decide to resemble a tourist from the 1980's.  Yay again!

I got just a few more items that were great deals, but this isn't a shopping blog!

At lunchtime, we went to Noodle Asia for a quick meal.

First up was Crab Rangoon.

My man got the Szechuan Beef noodle bowl.

I opted for the Buddha's Feast crispy pan-fried noodles.  I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture!

My college alma mater and the Lakers were playing that night, so it was a basketball watching day!

We ended up having a late dinner at Pinot Brasserie.  I was famished and had to restrain myself from inhaling the bread on the table.  I have a rule that I can't eat the bread unless I have a dish (such as soup or pasta) to eat it with.  That way, I'm never too full to enjoy my food!  It's a silly game I play with myself, but it works!  I may have to relax that rule in Europe where the bread will be amazing...

For an appetizer, my guy ordered a huge bowl of mussels with fries.  Still practicing for Belgium!  Yes, that's shrimp cocktail in the back.  I actually didn't order a starter, so I shared with everyone else at the table.  Yum!

My entree was linguine with mixed seafood, which was absolutely fantastic.  Once again, I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture!

My reward for not ordering an appetizer was not being too full, so I could get gelato!  I didn't take a picture, but I sampled a few flavors before settling on Strawberry Cream.  Delicioso!

We got up late of course, and had just enough time to pack up before grabbing a very late lunch.  The time change made us second guess which clocks were correct the whole day.  There was a lot of checking our phones for the correct time!

Our last meal in Vegas was at  Burgers.  I checked in with Four Square and got these Fried Mac & Cheese Nom Noms for free.  I would be snobby and say that they were terrible, but there's almost no way to dislike fried, cheesy items.  :)

For my real appetizer, I split a wedge salad.  I was definitely lacking in greens this weekend!

This isn't mine, but check out the Chicago dog!  Tons of toppings, right?  In fact, the hot peppers ended up being discarded, but the rest was eaten happily.

I got the Oregon Trail burger, which was a buffalo patty.  It was good but I like my spice, so I ended up using the discarded hot peppers!

I feel like I finally detoxed from this weekend.  So much food that I know we definitely committed at least one of the sins in Sin City.  I really should stop counting there, because you all don't want to know how many of the seven I went through!

Does anyone else occasionally need an extensive getaway recovery period?  Maybe next time, a staycation is in order!


  1. A serger class sounds so exciting! I've thought about getting one/borrowing my mom's, so you'll have to let me know how you like it. I simply don't have the space in our apartment right now--I have to do some spring cleaning.

    That bag you found is fabulous! And I love a good travel bag. I'm excited to see pictures from your Europe trip. My man and I have been talking about doing Vegas. Your pictures make me want to go even more!

    1. Well, sergers are pretty small, so you wouldn't need THAT much space!

      I can't wait to go! I was so antsy that I wanted to pack my bags as soon as we got home just to try out all the zippers and how I'll want everything organized in my bag. I'm silly like that. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know! The purses are super cute, right? Just kidding! I definitely have to eat a few salads this week or else I'm going to need a second seat on the plane in a couple weeks!


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