Weekly Wrap-Up: a class, a concert, a night out, and LOTS of food ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: a class, a concert, a night out, and LOTS of food

I'm writing this while being completely under the weather.  The only thing I want right now is a box of tissues by my side, but at least I can revel in the last week of adventures that I had.  :)

Precap (jump to):


I know that last week I promised pictures from my serger class.  However, even though I had an easy time figuring out how to get the machine threaded and tensions perfect during the first class...  It was IMPOSSIBLE this time!  Basically, I ended up showing up late, forgot all of my supplies, and only had enough time to thread the machine and cut out the pattern.  Total fail!

Afterwards, my friend and I had lunch at the Blackbird Cafe.  I had a delicious veggie sandwich and lentil soup.  I was so hungry, and it hit the spot!

Then, for dessert, the Tropical French Toast.  It looks crazy and really was perfect with the coconut coating.

Afterwards, we went to a couple of antique shops to just browse.  I did bring home one of the cute birds below.  :)

My new friend is the red bird on the bottom left branch.
Really interesting colored glass bottles.
Milk glass!
What a cool idea for a dress form!
Vintage hat pins
The most regal birdcage I've EVER seen!
I'm dying to buy a printer tray.  Not this time though...

This time, I didn't buy anything except my little birdy friend.  I also picked up a broken candlestick that was hanging out in the "Free" basket.

Later that night, we headed to L.A. for the concert.  You may have noticed the tickets in my planner from one of my first posts!

We grabbed a quick bite at the J.W. Marriott lounge since the restaurants were so busy and we were going to be late!

Then, into the Staples Center for the concert!  Owl City opened up, but no pictures of that.  :(

Neon Trees was next, and the lead singer was seriously entertaining.  Almost like Freddie Mercury but with a TON of energy!

Then, for the main event.  I took about a million pictures because there were so many cool effects, but I'm only sharing a few.  :)

These screens were amazing!

A man with a guitar?  Be still, my heart!  I have not yet met a girl, woman, or gay man that has yet to have a minor crush on Adam Levine.  I'm sure after this statement, I'll get a few comments proving me wrong. :)

Then we headed up to wp24 for an after-concert drink with the downtown L.A. skyline in front of us with floor length windows.

Afterwards, there was a bit of dancing involved, but absolutely no pictures of that because I'm not offering up my own blackmail photos here.  :)

And for the last part of the night: Brite Spot!

I was only a little hungry, so my man ordered one pancake for himself with a couple of bites reserved for me.

And then I suggested the enormous brownie for us to share.  It was seriously a monster and according to my guy "the best brownie he ever had."  I was designated driver, so my opinion was probably a bit more reliable... and I still had to agree.  Simply amazing.

Here's a view of other peoples' food from that night.  They went savory.

The BLT was SERIOUSLY packed with a bunch of the B some L and T and even A(vocado)!


We woke up at nearly 1pm, which I NEVER do!  I'm an early bird, so it felt just wrong to be up so late.

My guy wrapped me in duct tape for a new dress form (details soon!) while we watched The Five-Year Engagement on demand.  That's how we do it: multi-tasking!

Afterwards, I met up with my friend for a pizza and pie sampling.  They wanted opinions to help them decide on what to make, and I was more than willing to help out.  :)

Tortilla crust (amazing) and two deep dish samples.

I think I may have eaten more pie than pizza (and salad that I didn't take a picture of).  I can't remember exactly what the flavors were, but there was a pecan + chocolate + maple syrup pie, lemon curd, coconut & lemon, and triple berry with ice cream, that were ALL amazing!  I would totally drink that lemon curd, if I could.


That night, we just decided to stay in or else we would just be pushing it too far.  Man, we're getting old!


Mostly it was a day of catch-up and errands.  For lunch, we went out with the family to Number Nine.

First up was the coconut drink, which was straight from the source.  Sooo delicious!

Delicious coconut meat...  I could have just eaten this!

For appetizers, there were the fried spring rolls.  Check out the cute mini-frying basket!

Oops, got to the picture too late.

And also the fresh spring rolls, my faves.

Although my guy ordered the beef pho, which was good...

My five spice chicken banh mi was better.  I win again!  I shouldn't keep score or else it would be too embarrassing for him.

That night, we went to a St. Patrick's Day party at this really nice family's home.  They are truly Irish and you can tell by their decorations!

I'm almost positive this is up year round!
My guy was happy obviously.
Perhaps a man decorated this man cave/garage?

And for dinner, the most authentic corned beef, cole slaw, and potatoes.  The soda bread deserves a special mention.

Seriously, it's the best soda bread ever.  And I failed to take a picture of the spice cake for dessert afterwards.  I snuck 2 extra pieces onto my plate over the rest of the night because it was so good.

Then, when I got home there was a huge box of macarons of different flavors just waiting for me.  They were almost all polished off, and by the time I had a few, there were only two left.

And now I'm paying the price for all of my fun with a bug that I picked up from somewhere.  Oh well, totally worth it.

This weekend is going to be full of last minute errands before packing for my trip.

How about everyone else out there.  Any fun plans?


  1. D! Omg.. I think I could eat everything in this post and then some. That BLTA looks...omg.. That's all I can say about that. When there is time... we are going out!

    1. Ha! I didn't actually eat the BLT myself, but I had to share because the recipient of the sandwich was a girl even tinier than myself! :)

  2. Wow, all of the food in this post looks fantastic! Sounds like you had a fabulous week!

    Have a wonderful evening. :)

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    1. It was a great week filled with fun and food. My favorite kind!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic St. Patrick's Day! What a feast!

    1. I really did! It definitely got me in the mood for my upcoming Ireland trip. :)


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