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Saturday Synopsis!

My last Saturday Synopsis in the U.S. for a month!  I promise I'm not bragging, I'm just super excited.  :)

It's been 3 months of blogging so far for me so far!  I'm so excited about how many people I've "met" and the inspiration that I've been able to give to you guys.  :)  Thanks!

Enough planning...  Let's get this trip started!

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday: Delicious chicken parmesan burgers.  One of my new favorites recipes!

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: Bag & Pouch edition!  Just a couple more rewinds left until I'm done cataloging my 2012 projects.

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: I was sick, but had a few meals out.  Yum!

Thursday:  Quick and easy photo fix for those dark night pictures that us bloggers hate to post!

Friday: Congrats to the winners of my first giveaway ever!  Remember to enter the new Chakoner giveaway on this post, and the Duck Tape giveaway ending next week.


  1. OMGosh...your trip thru Europe looks like an awful
    lot of fun. Found you thru the Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Following you via GFC and Bloglovin' Hope you can stop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

  2. You are so creative. I found out that your bags are awesome. Keep it up! :)
    Following on bloglovina nd stopping from Blog Hop :)
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella


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