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Camera Shy Projects

So, I realize that not everyone is a natural born photographer but I have some pretty subpar photos of my projects.  This weekend was very, very busy so I'm going to devote some time to photographing properly this week!

I'm borrowing my guy's Sony NEX-3, and being very, very careful with it.  It will be my first time using a DSLR camera.  It'll definitely be a learning experience!

My new friend for the week!

If anyone has any tips, I would appreciate them!

In fact, think in the blogging world, we all need a little help.

  • The style bloggers could help the sewing bloggers style their clothes.
  • The sewing bloggers can teach the weight loss bloggers to tailor and take in their clothes.
  • The weight loss bloggers should remind the cooking/foodie bloggers that we need more flavorful healthy recipes out there.
  • And the cooking/foodie bloggers can feed the style bloggers who can be way too skinny sometimes.

  • Oh, and the organization bloggers don't need any help because they have everything under control.

Just one of my silly thoughts.  :)

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